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Appeal for the Philippines

25 November 2013

We need to raise £590 by the end of term and we need your help.

We have all heard and seen the terrifying news of the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan and how the people and their country are suffering.  Thousands are displaced and need help to survive the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan and now with the torrential rain this is making matters worse for the survivors.

There is/was a very strong Scouting presence in the Philippines and therefore we as a Scout Group want to help the Filipinos and the best way is to supply a ShelterBoxShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide. Every donation of £590 will allow ShelterBox to deliver emergency shelter and other lifesaving equipment to a family who have lost everything following a disaster.

A ShelterBox contains the following:-

Waterproof ground matsThermal fleece blanketsMosquito netsChildren’s activity packStoveCooking equipmentTool kitWater containers & purificationWarm hats and gloves, Plastic Box and Custom designed family tent.

If you want to find out more about ShelterBox, visit their website:

Market Stall

On Saturday 7th November between 9am and 12pm the Scout Group will be holding a market stall under the Market House in Newent to help with our ShelterBox fundraising.

We are looking for fresh produce, cakes, presents for Christmas, books, children’s toys, etc., but please, no clothing or jumble sale items.  There will be a box in the entrance porch of the HQ for you to leave your goods, but please do not leave perishables, etc., bring them to the Market House early on the Saturday morning.  Please ask your family and friends if they can supply something for the stall, and more importantly spread the word around to come and support us.  This is the beginning of the lead up to Christmas and it may well be you will be able to buy some cakes or even find a present.  We hope to be selling mistletoe, etc., and you will be able to buy tea or coffee to keep you warm along with a mince pie and we may have some entertainment as well.  If anyone can spare us an hour or two to help, please speak with our Leaders or contact us via this web site.

Parents – We would love to see our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts help us but the Beavers and Cubs must be accompanied by adults.  Please make sure they are wearing their uniform and we would remind you that you need to wrap up well as the Market House is rather draughty area.

Smartie Tubes

Our Scouts, Cubs and Beavers have been given a Smartie tube very kindly donated by Budgen’s Supermarket, Seymour’s Newsagent and the Co-Op Supermarket in Newent, containing one Smartie for them to eat!  PLEASE fill the empty tube with as much cash as you can, even if it means taking it to work, friends, relatives, etc., a tube can take 20 £1 coins and even notes.  It would be great if this can be achieved by everyone.

The rest of the Smarties will be counted and placed in a jar so that you can have a go at guessing the number of Smarties in the jar at 30p a go, you can have as many goes as you like, so again ask everyone you know to help us.

Please, please, help us, we are very sure we can raise this amount and the sooner we do it, the sooner we can help a family who desperately needs our help.